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This section features different video minutes and interviews developed by the UNM Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. If you would like to view more of our videos, please subscribe to our channel.

– Terry Clark Ph.D. discusses the  Importance and Influence of Marketing in Business with O.C. Ferrell Ph.D.

– UNM Anderson Accounting Professor, Richard Brody discusses Fraud Triangle, Fraudulent Activity, and Red-Collar Crime.

– Weston Smith, former CFO turned Whistleblower of HealthSouth, now Business Ethics Consultant and Forensic Accounting Adviser, presentation.

– Interviews by Linda Ferrell, Ph.D. with Esteemed Guest Eric M. Pillmore, CEO Pillmore Consulting LLC and Former Senior Vice President, Corporate Governance, Tyco International Part I and Part II.

– Interviews by O.C. Ferrell, Ph.D. with Associate Professor of Business and Society Shawn Berman Part I and Part II.

– Business Ethics Presentation with Barney Rosenberg Part I and Part II.

– An Interview by O.C. Ferrell, Ph.D. with Esteemed Guests Harry Van Buren III, Ph.D. and Shawn Berman, Ph.D.

We also have our videos on our official University of New Mexico Website.


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